6 cute date night ideals you need a car for (Part 2)


You want to make a good impression with your lover? Here are the next date night ideals for you with a car.

>>6 cute date night ideals you need a car for (Part 1)

The evening with the stars

If you’re lucky enough not to live in a place that’s permanently covered in smog (jealous), then stargazing is a cute – and cheap – date night idea. Leave your phones at home, hop into your SEAT Mii and head out into the open, as far away from city lights as you can. Take a load of furry blankets and cushions, throw them on the bonnet and marvel at that twinkly, twinkly sky for as long as you can stay awake. Just make sure you take a torch, as you may end up staying the night…

The evening with the stars

The spontaneous ride

If you and your man like living impulsively, why not ditch the Sat Nav, get in your car and see where the road takes you? By getting lost in your home town together, you might end up discovering hidden gems lurking down side streets you never even knew were there. When you get hungry, stop off at the nearest newsagents, give each other a £5 budget and select random snacks you know your date will love for the journey home.

The glamping experience

Date night ideals with car

If one of you craves adventure but the other hears the word ‘camping’ and want to stick forks into their eyes, car-camping is a genius way of easing you into forest life. Drive to your nearest camp site, park up and go for a romantic woodland walk. When night falls, get the marshmallows out and set your soundtrack for an evening by the campfire (no need to take speakers – just wind down the car windows and your SEAT Mii’s sound system’s got you covered). You won’t need a tent, either. Pack a thick duvet, put the back seats down and create a cosy nook in the boot of your car for your own unique take on ‘glamping’.

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