6 lessons to learn from a break up that will make your next relationship stronger


There is no doubt that a break up is a terrible experience. It leads to an emotional turmoil that turns our world upside down. For many, it is a heart-breaking experience that makes them question love and life. But there’s always a silver lining, folks. No matter how heart wrenching your experience was, you need to see the brighter side. Here are a few life-altering lessons you can learn from your break up that will help to make your next relationship stronger.

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​Analyse what went wrong

This is the first thing everyone does after their relationship comes to an end. Try to get a clearer picture (do NOT overthink) of what went wrong in your relationship. Did both the partners had different expectations, one or both of you grew out of love, your partner cheated on you or there was some other external factor? Use this situation as an opportunity to understand what you exactly seek from a partner, and what is your idea of a healthy relationship.

​Analyse what went wrong (via Scholarship Points)

​Analyse your grey areas

Nobody is ‘perfect’, and everyone makes mistakes in a relationship. Therefore, try to analyse your own grey areas that you might have discovered when you were in a relationship. Maybe you are over possessive by nature, a bad listener, or over dependent on your partner. Try to figure these out, work on your grey areas and become a better person.

​Your happiness lies in your own hands

This is the one of the most important lessons that a heart break teaches you, and helps you to make your next relationship better. You are responsible for your own happiness and depending on someone else for it only means trouble. You do not need to be in a relationship in order to be happy, and there exists a happy (rather rocking!) life after a break up as well.

​Your happiness lies in your own hands (via Verily Magazine)

​Nothing is permanent

Whether it’s people, feelings, good or bad times, nothing lasts forever. Things, situations and people change with time, and everything might not be always under your control. Further, life never stops for anyone. You will have to get up from the bed every single day, slog at office, deal with people, and go through the daily grind. This realisation would help you to deal with your emotions in a mature way, and set the right expectation level from your next relationship.

​It’s not just about love

Relationships do not require just love in order to be successful. It takes a lot of commitment, loyalty, dedication, maturity, respect and many more things from both the sides to make it work. The next time you are in a relationship after a heart break, you will have a better idea of what it takes to make a relationship work and whether you are prepared for it or not.

It is not just about love (via Her Campus)

​Forgiving is important

There is no point in holding any grudges against your ex-partner, which hampers your own peace of mind. Learn to forgive others for their mistakes and simply move on. In fact, it will require maturity and courage from your side to do it but the effort would surely be worth it.

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