Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

Secrets of women who Never get sick, firstly is making a date to get together with a friend—especially if you’re dealing with problems at home or work, suggests research in the journal Psychological Science. People with the most “social support” when faced with a stressful situation were less likely to get ill if exposed to a cold virus—and hugging enhanced the immunity benefit.

“Each week, I find a workout I can do with friends, I make sure my husband and I have at least one ‘date’ and I call my grandma. These connections energize me and keep me healthier.” —Kamden Hoffmann, Morrisville, NC.

Hug it out

 Eat colors

Filling up on antioxidant-rich foods like sweet potatoes (beta-carotene), citrus and bell peppers (vitamin C), almonds (vitamin E), and red grapes or red wine (resveratrol) replenishes the cells that are damaged in the fight against germs and bacteria.

“I used to get bad sinus infections regularly, but I cleaned up my diet— eating more whole foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and lean protein—and I haven’t been sick in two years.” —Susan Robertson, Knoxville, TN.

Have a set bedtime

Have a set bedtime

Research shows that those who sleep 8 hours or more per night are three times less likely to develop a cold compared to people who snooze for less than 7 hours. One reason why: At night your body repairs itself and regulates stress hormones that can make you more susceptible to infection.

“I instituted a strict sleep/wake schedule in my house that applies on weekdays and weekends. At a recent doctor’s appointment for physicals, he said that we hadn’t been there for sick visits in over a year—quite a feat for a mom and three kids ages 5 to 16!” —Mikita Burton, Lenexa, KS.